About Us

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It all started when...

We opened our doors at Snowbank Brewing on August 22nd, 2014. Founded by a group of dedicated homebrewers, our dream was to start a brewery that reflected our passion for amazing beer, the beautiful Colorado outdoors, and the culture of collaboration in the brewing community.

The name Snowbank came from our time as homebrewers. After boiling the beer and adding hops on the stove, we needed a quick, easy, inexpensive way to chill it down quickly. The 2 foot snowbank right outside worked perfectly!

At Snowbank, quality is built into every beer we brew. From milling the grain to pouring your beer into the glass, we pay attention to every detail of the process to ensure your beer and experiences here are the absolute best they can be.

Our amazing team is the backbone of our business. Our owners aren't off in a corporate office across the country - they are in the brewery every day! They brew the beer, keep our systems running, crunch the numbers, and serve in the tap room. Our staff are among the most knowledgeable, caring, and friendly in the business. Get to know us a little bit more below!

Dave Rosso head brewer

Dave Rosso
Owner, Head Brewer, Chief Janitor

Hometown: Doniphan, Nebraska

Interested in the beer industry because: Home brewing and a trip to Belgium is what got me started.

Favorite guilty pleasure in music: Dubstep

Janna Kregoski finance manager

Janna Kregoski
Owner, Finance Manager, Chief Paper Wrangler

First beer you've tried: My dad gave me sips of his Old Rasputin Imperial Stouts when I was a kid and I thought it was disgusting. Now I'm a huge imperial stout junkie. Go figure.

Bucket list item: I've always wanted to go skydiving!

Favorite outdoor activity: Horseback                                                                                                     riding (I have ridden my horse to the                                                                                                         brewery for a beer on more than one                                                                                                       occasion!)

Chris Kregoski facilities manager

Chris Kregoski
Owner, Brewer, Facilities Manager, Chief Fix-it-all

Stacy Werner
Beer Maiden, Sales Representative, IPA Diva

Interested in the beer industry because: The art of craft beer and the creative outside-the-box community.

Moved to Fort Collins because of: A job, love, and the wide open spaces!

Favorite outdoor activities: Mountain biking, cycling and skiing

Beertender, Vinyl Extraordinaire

First beer you've tried: (gonna stay with first CRAFT beer...) Anchor's barleywine Old Foghorn, because I figured paying $6 for a 12% beer was the same as paying $2 for three 4% beers)

Interested in the beer industry because: The people! Nobody's cooler and more easy-going than craft beer folk.

Beertender, Badass-In-Residence

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Favorite outdoor activities: Playing basketball and pretty much anything that involves friends and the sunshine!

Something no one knows about you: For a while in my younger days, I sported long hair, bleach blonde and curly!

The REAL owner of Snowbank, Top Dog

Princess in Residence, Chief Beggar

Bunny & Squirrel Police, Licker of Babies